Prefabricated Building System

Caravan Engineered Structures, Inc. specialize in the manufacture and sale of high quality prefabricated buildings. Using our experience and knowledge we have provided various prefabricated buildings to support UN missions worldwide.

Prefabricated Buildings

Basis on ISO 9000 Quality and ISO14001 Environmental Management System ,CaravanES Prefabricated Building designs can be customized in a wide range of standard spans and various functions, such as earthquake-resistant , high loads request. Whole building accessories package are available to be offered including lighting system, sanitation fixtures, HVAC, fir fighting equipment , etc.


  • Delivered as Complete Kit: ready to assemble on site by installation manual
  • Welding-Free System: Using bolts and nuts only to assemble by unskilled labors without heavy equipment
  • Fast Installation by using simple hand tools
  • High Strength Light Weight Structure Wind Loads: 160km/hour Optional: Wind load 240km/hour, Electrical Fixtures

Prefabricated Soft-Skin Tent

Caravan ES has developed Prefabricated Soft-Skin Tents with many advantageous options, such as Fly-frame system, Rigid floor system, High Wind Package and Radiation Shielding to provide an innovative tent of stability and comfort. It is a light weight tent system, which is easy to erect, dismantle, transport, and reinstall which can be set up at any site and used as accommodation, storage, event room, and many other purposes.


  • 100% prefabricated or skilled technician needed
  • Ground Adjustable Flooring System (patented) enables elevation
  • Quickly assembled by one step connection design
  • Packable and Transportable in ISO 20’ and 40’ Containers