Field Camp Design & Construction

Caravan ES provide environmentally friendly Prefabricated Accommodation Buildings according to UN standards to support various types of United Nations Peace Keeping Mission all round the world. And we offer professional services such as Planning & Design, Construction Management, and General Construction Supervision Services for Military Base Camps Construction. By precise planning and optimized designing, we create an ideal space for both human and its environment.


    Rapid Building Construction

  • Ready to dispatch in shortest period
  • Time of manufacturing and installation significantly reduced when using Caravan unique technology
  • Simple foundation solution
  • Bolting system and light weight component guarantee fast manual installation
  • 150-man camp can be built in only 1-2 months

    Strict Quality Control

  • By utilizing a Quality Control System, we strive to obtain a uniform, high quality level of workmanship throughout all phases of procurement, fabrication, construction, installation of equipment and facilities, and start-up and testing.
  • Conform to international contractual standards & requirements
  • Compiling accurate records of inspections, tests, certifications and other required documentation to insure products’ quality and safety.

    Supreme Customized Solution

  • Customer to choose size, design and materials according to specific conditions and needs
  • Various optional items available such as electric fixtures, sanitary wares, solar panel etc.
  • Accommodate any specific requirements with help of Caravan engineer teams