Sanitation Fixtures

With our experience of providing high quality ablution and sanitation fixtures , we have been awarded a long term contract with UN in November, 2011. We offer wide range of ablution and sanitation products based on UN standard, such as dual-flush toilet, wall-hung urinal, wash basin, janitor’s room, hot & cold faucet, shower tray and tissue dispensers, etc.

Dual-Flush(Western Style)WC Eastern Style Squat WC


  • Made from durable field materials (100% stainless steel)
  • Water-free urinals available: water efficient
  • Environment friendly
  • Installed in the least possible time
  • Dual-flush toilets, wall-hung urinals, wash basins, janitor’s rooms, hot & cold faucets, shower trays, tissue dispensers, etc.

Wall Hung Urinal Mini-Wall Hung Urinal


  • Fixtures designed to be installed in the least possible time.
  • Size, volume and weight of each unit is designed such that it is easy to handle, permitting ease of installation without using mechanical handling equipment.

    Design & Material Specification

  • All Sanitation Fixtures supplied in compliance with international environmental and water conservation standards.
  • Water Closets (WC), Shower Tray, Wash Basins, Urinals, Soap Dishes, Shower Curtain Rails, Clothes Hooks Panels and Towel Rails are fabricated of heavy gauge type 304 stainless steel with exposed surfaces polished.

Hot & Cold Faucet Toilet Tissue Dispenser Shower Tray Lavatory Mirror