October 10 to 12, Caravan Engineered Structures, Inc. Booth no. 1568, Washington, USA

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The key targets include DoD, FEMA, USAID, and many other government sectors and NGOs, which would greatly demand CaravanES’s products and services in disaster relief and military operations. With its own booth, Caravan Engineered Structures, Inc. has attended in AUSA 2011, which was held on 10th Oct~12th Oct. in Washington D.C. Ballistic protective structure solution and radiation shielding system were on display and introduced along with various range of rapidly deployable prefabricated building solutions.

Military Tent

Core features of light weight and durability, and its distinctive features of various formations of set-up in case of emergency situation and extreme weather provide residence convenience, survivability, and rapid response of the soldiers in the combat field.


    Functional Frames

  • “High strength lightweight aluminum alloy"
  • Double foldable frame for quick and easy assembly
  • Wall angles adjustable for vertical and slopping wall
  • Structurally strong frame withstand heavy weight
  • Functional Fabrics

  • “Highly durable lightweight polyester fabric”
  • Blacked-out , Flame and mildew resistant
  • Water repellent, Windbreak and cold protected
  • High tearing strength and water resistance


The functions of three different set-up formations appropriately serve various situations that can occur during the military operations.

    STANDARD - 5M (W) X 10M (L) X 2.7M (C.H.) / 1.8M (S. H.)

  • Deployable in 10~15 minutes by 4 people
  • Light weight: 200kg for 5x10m size
  • Standard formations

    EMERGENCY - 5M (W) X 10M (L) X 1.8M (C.H.) / 0.9M (S.H.)

  • Faster set-up in combat engagement
  • Readily camouflaged, concealed, covered up
  • For frequent movement and urgent situation
  • More stable for snow, rain, and wind
  • Minimize heat loss in cold climates

    EXTRA INSULATION - 5.6M (W) X 10M (L) X 3.15M (C.H.) / 2.15M (S. H.)

  • Expanded air wall in over 300mm
  • Provide extra natural insulation
  • Endures extreme climates including Desert and Arctic