Strong, Applicable, Light, and Attractive price.

Prefabricated warehouse from Caravan ES is the most outstanding building system for barren atmosphere.
The structure is completely designed to maximize the functions such as the fast erection, storage, and shipment. It is specially manufactured for easy handling and transportation in ISO containers.

Caravan Warehouse has been precisely designed for facile portability and perfect functionality with easy installation and preparation. All of erection is proceed by bolts and nuts without heavy equipment. This heavy duty and light-weight Caravan warehouse contains more than 100 variety patents and is offered various sizes accurately.

Since 2003, the structures have been provided to United Nations through long term system contract, PD UN403. Under the full of satisfaction and collaborating faith with UN, Caravan ES is supplying the goods to all over the UN operation missions in the world.

    Features for Warehouse

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Rapid supply
  • Double Wall System
  • Facile Deployment and Relocation
  • Manual erection without heavy equipment
  • Complete Bolting System (No welding required)
  • Strongest and light Frame System (Prefabricated Steel H-Beam use)