Confirmed, Long-term durability, and Customized

Are you looking for the most cost effective aircraft buildings?
Are you prepared to build new aviation structures without spending vast budget in a short construction period?

Specially designed for the airport project managers or clients who are interested in to building, Caravan Aircraft Hangars will be the absolute product what you looking for. The Aircraft Hangar supplied in UNPKO (United Nations Peace Keeping Organization) in East-Timor has been provided and received the recognition of superiority in quality and performance issue from UN.

Military use orientated Caravan Hangar provides various types of products such as Aircraft Hangars, Sunshades, and Shipyards in different shape of roof and side wall formations. All of parts can be modified or uniquely designed based on the purpose of customer’s use.

Features for Hangar

  • Manual erection without heavy equipment
  • Rapid supply, deployment, and relocation
  • Complete Bolting System (No weldig required)
  • Strongest Frame System but light weight (Prefabricated Steel H-Beam use)
  • Meeting standard specification and qualification from United Nations Standard