Village Design & Construction

In disaster when people are in desperate need for housing, health care, and water treatment, Caravan ES provides them comfort home fast and safe. With our experience and advanced technology, we design and rebuild villages that are under poor conditions and damaged by flood, fire, war, and other unfortunate incidents. Based on site survey and careful studies of local culture, inhabitants, and customs, we design a village that is consistent with the region. With safe water supply and waste disposal system, the village will turn out to be clean and safe home, preventing the locals from fatal infections.

    1. Refugee Camp

  • With 24/7 service and smart design, Caravan ES provides refugee camps to anywhere in the world faster than any supplier.
  • For refugees at devastating needs, Caravan ES Camp provides them safe home and environment. Also, high standards of sanitation in structures are applied to prevent and minimize outbreaks of disease and infection.

    2. New Town Construction and Village Re-construction

  • CaravanES provides consulting service for new town/ village construction projects with the company’s dedicated experts. Also, it provides a turnkey service from village design and engineering to civil works, road paving, electrical works and water treatment.

    3. Establishing Production Line

  • In mega projects like new town construction, a local production line is required to meet vast demands on time. Caravan ES provides manufacturing and consulting service on establishing production line.
  • Manufacturing & Consulting Service:
  • - Gypsum Board Plant (N.G & D.S.G)
  • - PC (Precast Concrete) Plant
  • - Magnesium Board Plant
  • - CRC (Cellulose Reinforced Cement) Board Plant
  • - Sandwich Panel Plant (EPS, PU, G/W, R/W)
  • - Board Coating & Laminating Plant