Military Base Camps

Our prefabricated structures are designed to UN standards, and have incomparably high strength and durability. Even in most difficult conditions and war zones, we deliver the most safe and complete base camps for all missions.

    Easy & Fast to Install

  • Capable of building field camps quickly and safely in emergencies
  • 150-man camp can be built in only 3 months
  • All buildings can be manually installed without heavy equipment and skilled labor

    Safety & Security

  • Bullet-proof system (patented) to in all buildings
  • Installation of gates, fences, HESCO, CCTV, observation tower, guard hut, etc.
  • Double wall systems feature high strength and durability

    Suitable for Difficult Site

  • Easy installation on uneven or slopping sites
  • Suitable for sites with extreme weather conditions
  • Wind load: up to 240km/h

Military Base Camps