Prefabricated Sports Complex

Double-Layered Transparent Structure

Composition of uniquely designed transparent double-layer that transmits a large amount of natural light to improve visual effect and energy efficiency.

Custom Design and Size Variations:

  • Offering selection of structure designs that are adequate for different sports types
  • Customizing in structure size, layout, and materials to reflect the client’s demand and budget

Rapid Construction and Reduced Cost:

  • Construction period and cost are substantially reduced from regular concrete method
    (completion of Futsal stadium takes only about 4 months)


  • Optimal use of natural energy is offered through transparent panels, double-wall insulation, solar panels, etc
  • Turn-key solution of sports facilities include nationally recognized sports flooring system, sports-oriented indoor lighting system, professional installation of audio system, LED scoreboard, spectator’s seat
  • Minimum maintenance cost due to easily replacing in sections when the section is accidently damaged
  • Adding annex buildings/partitions for the use of locker room, office,media room, storage, bathroom/shower, and many more