Sports Flooring Systems

The most advanced/functional ‘Sports Flooring System’ that maximizes exercise performance while assuring the safety of end-users.

Economical & Reliable

  • Module Type : Economical, partially repairable (easy maintenance)
  • Fast and easy installation by hands,
  • Standard Color : Green, orange, yellow (and various color options)
  • Reliable Quality : Surpassed EN 14904 Test


  • Less Joint Strain : Minimizes the impact applied to the players
  • Reduce Injury : Non-slippery surface that provides extra cushioning support


  • Non-Slippery : Provides sufficient friction required for the game play
  • Exclusively developed rubber underlayment provides noise reduction and extra cushioning

Use Indoor Sports Stadium and Interior Flooring
Dimension 250mm(W) x 250mm(L) x 13mm(T) 1,200mm(W) x 1.5~15mm(T)


Plastic Copolymer → Process mold core EPDM + NR + SBR + Urethane Binder → Calendaring roll
Color Standard : Green, Orange, Yellow (Various Color Options) Standard : Black (Various Color Options)
Weight 265g  

Roll-Sheet (Spreadable Elastic Material)


  • Upper rubber sheet with embossing effect
  • Lower rubber sheet with honeycombed structure
  • Outstanding friction force and elasticity (shock absorption)

    Various Designs

  • Computerized embroidery and logos can be permanently embedded

    Easy Care, Low Maintenance

  • Simple partial repair without showing any defects
  • Eco-friendly materials, and 100% recyclable without any waste material

Synthetic Turf

    Performance of Natural Turf Grass

  • Synthetic turf that is the most similar to the natural grass ever developed

    Combustion and Weather Resistance

  • Worry-free of catching fire and durable under any kind of climate (Special weather resisting treatment applied)

    Anti-Static Technology

  • Reduces static build up on the surface that causes electrical shock

    Color Preserving

  • No change of color through solution dyed chip - over 10 years

    Relieve Eye-Strain

  • Diffused reflection through special sections of turf that reduces eye-strain